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Getting Started With FarmlandsPro


FarmlandsPRO is a tool for New Zealand farmers and growers to place, track and manage their rural supplies orders. It’s designed to help customers manage their business with Farmlands when and where it suits, and banking a bunch of productivity gains as a result. Ordering supplies, reviewing all your previous Farmlands purchases, accessing discounted prices tailored to your needs, are just some of services available through FarmlandsPRO at launch. 


While news travels fast in rural New Zealand, Farmlands wasn’t expecting talk of its new digital tool to start traveling as fast as it has. FarmlandsPRO is a bespoke online and app-based tool that was launched at Fielddays in Hamilton.


Several hundred farmers and growers who have started using the pre-launch version of FarmlandsPRO are already benefiting from gaining greater control of their essential rural supplies.


Farmlands CEO Tanya Houghton says, “We know that farming doesn’t line up with normal business hours – and our customers need to be able to order rural supplies at a time that meets their business needs, not ours. This was the starting point for developing our new FarmlandPRO tool that will support our customers in owning and controlling their relationship with Farmlands.”  


FarmlandsPRO offers a personal experience for our farmer and growers – everything from full order histories, through to existing contracts and farmer-specific discounted rural supplies prices are available through FarmlandsPRO.


This new personalised digital tool reflects how farmers and growers are adapting the ways they do business and how Farmlands is continuing to evolve to better meet customer expectations.  


“We’re acutely aware of the challenges the rural sector is facing and the need to adjust our business model so we can be more responsive. Farming is an increasingly digital and data-driven business and FarmlandsPRO supports this by giving customers better access to information about their rural supplies,” Tanya says.


The co-op plans to add future functionality that will help customers take even more control of the products they need and lower input costs. These features will include providing seasonal recommendations and offers based on sales history to help Farmlands source core products at scale and provide a better customer price.


FarmlandsPRO will also allow Farmlands technical experts to spend more time supporting their customers in solving on-farm or orchard challenges, and less time processing orders.  


Feedback from customers using the pilot version of FarmlandsPRO has been very positive.


“We’re already starting to hear that neighbours are talking to one other about FarmlandsPRO – how it speeds up placing orders and getting supplies on to farm, which lets them get back to what’s most important. That’s exactly what we hoped for with this tool,” Tanya says.


The development of FarmlandsPRO is a natural evolution for an organisation that was first established to disrupt the status quo and put farmers and growers at the centre, Tanya adds.


“Farmlands was set up by farmers over 60 years ago to get a better deal. That remains our purpose and is what drives us. It means we’re not afraid to challenge how we do things or push ourselves to do better. It also means we need to be well-connected to what’s happening on farms and how people are changing the way they work, so we can adapt to that,” she says.  


It's quick and easy for Farmlands shareholders to download the FarmlandsPRO app from the Apple App and Google Play Stores. They can login using their existing MyFarmlands details and start placing orders through it immediately.


Using FarmlandsPRO


Step 1 

  • FarmlandsPRO uses your MyFarmlands log-in details – one log-in to access all of Farmlands digital tools.
  • If you’re not registered for MyFarmlands, don’t worry, you can register easily straight from the FarmlandsPRO app or at 


Step 2

  • Head to either the App Store or the Google Play Store to download FarmlandsPRO for free.
  • You can also access FarmlandsPRO web page via OR scan below to go straight to the page. 


Step 3

  • Once you’ve downloaded FarmlandsPRO, enter your MyFarmlands login details.
  • Now you can get started on the business of placing and tracking orders.