Land Rover Horse of the Year

While we’ll have to wait until 2024 for the next Horse of the Year, you can still enjoy a wealth of advice from our very own equine nutritionist Luisa Wood. The following articles will help you immeasurably in the lead-up to your next event and beyond. 


This article focuses on energy sources as well as other key areas of the horse’s diet and how to provide these to maximise health and performance. Forage, fat, protein and nutrients are all discussed alongside how to avoid digestive issues. READ NOW


In this article Luisa Wood talks about the minerals and key vitamins required for cardiovascular function, muscle health, flexibility, increased energy storage and utilisation, bone strength and recovery. READ NOW


The stress and travel that comes with high performance often increases the risk of digestive conditions. However adopting various daily management techniques can reduce the risk significantly, improving wellbeing and performance. READ NOW


The most important things for horse owners to focus on prior to travel, during travel and at an event, are forage intake, hydration, electrolytes and maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract. In this article Luisa Wood focuses on dietary support and management to provide your horse with the best care when away from home. READ NOW 


When the events are over, it’s important to consider feeding and management for the quieter months ahead. While some horses will be kept in work, others will be turned out for a short but much deserved break. Here we cover some important nutrition points, to make the transition between work and spelling as smooth as possible. READ NOW