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A progressive partnership

ASB’s GM of Rural Business Banking, Richard Hegan discusses the new partnership between ASB and Farmlands.

There’s a saying, “life is about the journey and not the destination”. I think that is only partly true.

Yes, life is about the journey but it’s also definitely about where the journey takes you, both on a personal level and from a professional perspective. After all, I’m not sure there is a point in toiling away, giving something your all day-in and day-out, if ultimately you don’t realise your dream.

And I’m not alone in my view – our team at ASB spend each day working with like-minded progressive and aspirational people, focused on delivering the best outcomes for them and having an equally positive impact on all of those we engage with. Why? Because we, like you, learn and grow by meeting driven and inspiring people – we help them progress and the spin-off is that we progress too.

It’s hugely motivating – that’s the journey part. Witnessing our customers succeed and achieve their financial goals – that’s the destination part. You’ll understand now what I mean and I hope too it will help you appreciate why our ASB team is genuinely excited to have started a new chapter in our history by choosing to partner with Farmlands.

To partner with this co-operative, one of the country’s most trusted and influential rural brands, is an amazing opportunity for ASB.

Our team has taken the time to make sure we fully understand Farmlands as a business and co-operative and understand the diverse requirements of its shareholders. We’re confident our common commitment to help the rural sector get ahead, by ensuring good sustainable business practices, can create opportunities to evolve and grow. These opportunities can help us all make smarter decisions and build financial adaptability and confidence to help weather the ups-and-downs involved in rural business life.

Being a good farmer means being a good business person and we’re here to help not only Farmlands’ shareholders but the co-operative as well to be the best – both in terms of reputation and customer experience.

The journey we’ll be traveling together will involve establishing valuable connections, along with developing tailor-made banking packages that could help you save time, money and provide additional farming and business insights.

Achieving better financial and farming outcomes for our rural sector, the lifeblood of the New Zealand economy – that’s the destination.