Calf Milk Replacer Update

Farmlands, like other rural supplies companies, are currently dealing with a shortage of Calf Milk Replacer (CMR). We have been updated by one of our major suppliers that the issue is significantly more serious than first forecast and the delay on product could be up to four weeks. 

Farmlands will not be accepting any new orders on CMR until further notice and suppliers have informed us they can supply product. What limited product is currently available is being used to honour feed agreements that are already in place with shareholders. We are working to resolve this issue as a matter of priority but the demand for CMR is extremely high. Our sales for the year have reached over 100% more than the same time last year.

Our recommendations to anyone rearing calves at present are to try and use milk from the vat wherever possible (or try to purchase milk from a neighbouring dairy farm) and to weigh your calves early – they may be ready for weaning.

We appreciate this is not good news for anyone rearing calves, however we will be continuing to work with our suppliers to find solutions for our shareholders and customers. We are exploring all supply options at the moment but this problem with shortage of product is Australasian wide.