Farmlands to launch hands-free customer support option for safer phone use on farm

Farmlands are partnering with Digital Island to launch Amazon Connect into the co-operative’s Customer Hub to improve phone support experience. This means that following a call to 0800 200 600, customers will receive a quicker resolution for queries, a hands-free navigation option and shorter wait times. With Amazon Connect also providing a new ability for Customer Advisors to work from anywhere in the country on a secure cloud-based system, COVID-19 restriction changes will no longer influence service levels.

Graeme Wilson, Farmlands’ Head of Customer Experience is thrilled that the use of Amazon Connect will mean customers and shareholders are able to spend less time waiting on the phone and more time doing what they love – spending time on-farm.

“Amazon Connect will allow our customers to speak their query and be directed to the right Customer Advisor on the first time. This will ensure a safer experience while on the farm and a faster experience as we reduce internal transfers,” Graeme says.

“Amazon will also allow us to quickly identify call trends and customer sentiment so we can respond faster and more effectively to our customer needs.”

Annie McKenzie, Farmlands’ Performance and Automation lead says that internally, with Amazon Connect Farmlands will now be able to empower Customer Advisors to own their day-to-day performance and work towards the co-operative’s key strategic initiative of creating a workplace of safe and engaged people.

“Call transcriptions and analysis will help identify capability growth and support Farmlands in improving the overall customer journey.”

The partnership with third party telecommunications company, Digital Island has streamlined the project to bring Amazon Connect to Farmlands.

“Digital Island’s involvement is seamless, they have understood our unique needs and have approached the project with a curious and innovative mindset. This new access to updated telecommunications technology will allow us to fast-track innovation and deliver even more to our customers,” Bevan Scott, Farmlands’ Digital Project Manager says.

Customers will notice the difference in their calls from 26th January as Amazon Connect kicks in and the Farmlands team are very excited to watch this new technology grow and improve the customer journey.