We need your support

Braveheart is the most ambitious transformation programme our co-operative has ever undertaken.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be making some important changes our shareholders need to be aware of. We need your support to help us, so we can provide you with a better service in the future.

We will be staggering the transition to our new system over a few months, starting in August.
Some parts of the system can be changed over in a few hours, while others will take place over weekends. Our shareholders will unfortunately experience interruptions depending on where they are in the country. We will keep our shareholders informed through our Farmlanders in-store, our Contact Centre and with updates on www.farmlands.co.nz

To make sure everything goes smoothly, there will be times when our system – both for staff (Contact Centre) and for shareholders (our website) will be unavailable. In addition to this, the Farmlands webstore will be closed during this time. We appreciate your patience.





Our new Point of Sale system will be rolled out over the coming months, providing an improved experience for our shareholders in-store. Our staff are learning how to use this new system as we speak, so please bear with us while we undertake our training.

One price will be displayed on products in-store. As a Farmlands shareholder, you will receive a rebate on the price shown on the ticket.


When we cut-over to our new system in early August, our Contact Centre and the MyFarmlands online service will be unable to process certain requests. This is because we need to transition everything from the old system into our new one, which will take some time.

Examples of requests that will be delayed include:

  • Resetting your log-in for MyFarmlands
  • Account queries

Farmlands hopes to have these services re-instated as soon as possible through our new system, however we appreciate your patience during these times.

As we switch over to the new system, shareholders may have a ‘blast from the past’ in-store! When one of our stores transfers to the Dynamics 365 system, other stores will not be able to access the system. During these times, we’ll be going back to the original shareholder experience – pen, paper and plenty of smiles.

We’ll be making minor changes to your statement, with more comprehensive category coding for those that use farm management software. If you have autocoding set up these may need to be adjusted. We’ve worked directly with farm accounting software companies to make this simpler for you.


Want to learn more?
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