New Zealand is a land of extremes. From the giant sand dunes of the far north to the many bays and inlets of Fiordland, you have to be ready for whatever terrain you’re tackling. Couple this with ever-changing weather patterns and you need a range of gear that’s as diverse as the environment you’re operating in.

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Farmlands would like to thank Simon Payne and his three children Ollie (10), Lara (4) and Livvy (2) for taking part in the 2020 Winter Clobber photo shoot.

The Payne family is happy to call Taranaki home where they are heavily involved in both the dairy and beef markets. These industries are the lifeblood of the region and Simon agrees, having run Challenge Trust, a successful dairy/beef operation since 2006. Simon was born and bred in Waitara and started his agricultural career working on a large sheep and beef property before finding his own.

Over the last 18 years Simon has become a prominent Stock Agent, Senior Auctioneer and has built up the dairying business so it now encompasses two properties. Challenge Trust milks 780 cows and produces around 325,000kgs each year. Along with the 464ha of dairy land he owns, Challenge Trust also rear a significant number of dairy and beef calves which are traded and run on a number of lease blocks. Feed inputs include maize and palm kernel extract (PKE) on the shoulders of the season.

When Simon is not on the ground with Challenge Trust, he has a great team of contract milkers and staff to keep things ticking over while he’s busy working for New Zealand Farmers Livestock.

Simon is passionate about the agricultural industry and all it has to offer. He rates the opportunities it has given him over the years and the experiences his children have been able to enjoy. Simon enjoys a challenge and with such a changing rural market there are no shortages of them to work through. Simon believes there are three things farmers need for the future: resilience, a passion for New Zealand agriculture and the ability to change with the times.



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