Formulation is vital for performance


To ensure market access for high value horticultural crops, control of insect pests such as mealy bugs, woolly apple aphids, scale and tomato/potato psyllid is vital, requiring efficient and well researched solutions.

Spirotetramat, the active ingredient in Movento, is unique. It translocates both in the xylem and the phloem and this is certainly one of the reasons it has performed solidly since its introduction to the market. This “two-way systemicity” means that distribution in the plant is even and thorough, to reach the pests being targeted. So, when chewing and sucking pests feed, the chances of mortality are greatly enhanced.

The importance of the formulation
Formulation makeup and quality are key to the solid performance of Movento products. To be translocated in the plants vascular system and become efficacious against the target pests, spirotetramat must first penetrate the leaf. Once penetration into the leaf has occurred, a chemical reaction occurs within the plant and spirotetramat is converted to spirotetramat-enol. It is only in this enol form that Movento becomes effective. Therefore, it is crucial that products based on spirotetramat contain an effective adjuvant package to achieve an optimum level of leaf penetration. Movento has been formulated to contain the right balance of these adjuvants.

What are the risks of poor formulation?

  • Primary insecticidal activity only occurs once spirotetramat has entered the leaf
  • Once penetration into leaf occurs, spirotetramat converts to the metabolite – spirotetramat-enol
  • Spirotetramat-enol has insecticidal activity, not the parent compound spirotetramat

Without an optimised formulation, there are two key concerning issues that will arise.

Sub optimal pest control
Without a fully effective adjuvant package, the failure of the active ingredient to penetrate the leaf and achieve subsequent chemical conversion may result in:

  • Ongoing crop damage from continued pest activity
  • Pest interceptions – possible rejection due to detection of quarantine pests
  • Loss of income
  • Reputation damage to New Zealand primary industries
  • Increased frequency of testing in importing countries

Development of resistance
Without an adequate adjuvant package, the failure of the active ingredient to penetrate the leaf and achieve subsequent chemical conversion may result in leading to:

  • More rapid development of resistance
  • Increased chance of loss of an important active ingredient currently giving solid pest control
  • Attempts to regain control by increasing the dose may lead to residue violations

Formulated to perform
Recent global testing of different generic 100SC spirotetramat formulations showed that Movento 100SC has a more effective surfactant package and provided five times more penetration than formulations it was tested against.

This means there is peace of mind to be had and less risk from using a wellresearched and formulated product.

Trusted to deliver
Each product was also tested for effectiveness against the aphid species Myzus persicae (green peach aphid). Compared to scale and mealybugs, aphids are considered easier to control. In these tests, Movento showed a clear advantage over the other formulations, meaning that others may not have the same efficacy on harder to control pests.

Under the described test conditions, Movento 100SC showed higher efficacy against tested aphid species on cabbage1 and pepper1 when compared to generic formulations of spirotetramat.

Trusted to deliver
Movento can be relied upon to deliver results because it is formulated for optimal penetration of the leaf surface, maximising performance and protection of healthy crops. Its innovative mode of action and formulation has been trusted for good reason for many years.

Article supplied by Bayer New Zealand Limited