Want to know the optimal time for a budbreak treatment?
The Hazel Trex™ test will tell you.Sample Kit

Hazel Trex™ test

Budbreak enhancers are used to stimulate early and uniform budbreak. Timing is crucial to achieving optimal results. In close collaboration with Zespri, the HazelTrex™ test for kiwifruit has been developed to monitor the physiological status of your vines accurately.

This easy-to-use test enables you to determine the optimal moment for your budbreak treatment, thus optimising king flowers, fruit set, fruit quality and maturity. HazelTrex™ contributes to an optimal yield with test results provided within 72 hours.

Easy-to-use molecular test

  • Available for both Hayward kiwifruit and G3
  • Practical sampling kit provided
  • Requires a few drops of juice from 25 buds
  • Analysis performed at Hill Laboratories

Pre-register with Hazel Trex™ now to ensure this season there are no delays in receiving your Hazel Trex™ test kit results.

How to pre-register your sample online

To order your sampling kit or for more information, talk to your Technical Advisor or the team at your local Farmlands store.

Listen to the Genes

Higher efficiency with gene expression tests

Technology behind the test

  • There are numerous changes in gene activity during late winter/early spring
  • These changes are correlated to the effect of differently timed budbreak treatments
  • Monitoring the relevant genes will provide you with the physiological status of your vines
  • The test has been developed in different regions across New Zealand

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