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McMillan LogoMcMillan Equine Feeds share your passion for horses. We recognise that correct and balanced nutrition is a critical component of proper horse care. Your horses need clean and high quality feed at regular intervals to be at their best and Equine Feeds has developed specialist nutrition during the past two decades to meet the needs of the horse.

McMillan Equine Feeds is formulated in conjunction with specialist animal nutritionists, to ensure the delivery of high quality feed for your horses, whatever their particular needs.

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Introducing the latest addition to the McMillan product range Grain Free

Formulated Fibre Feed

Grain FreeMcMillan Grain Free is a low GI fully formulated and balanced super fibre feed designed for all horses requiring low starch diets including those with conditions such as laminitis, cushings, equine metabolic syndrome, colic, hindgut acidosis, developmental orthopaedic disease and tying up. Contains organic minerals.

Suffer from:

  • Sugar intolerance?
  • Starch intolerance?
  • Laminitis?
  • Tying up?
  • Cushings?
  • Hindgut acidosis?

Contains high quality:

  • Quality amino acids.
  • Cold pressed canola oil.
  • Organic trace minerals and natural vitamin E.

StarchFeeding guide:

  • Must be soaked before feeding.
  • Soak 3 parts water / 1 part Grain Free.
  • Designed to complement New Zealand forages and create a balanced diet when fed at the following levels daily:



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Why McMillan

McMillan Equine Feeds have worked alongside veterinary professionals to develop nutritional products most appropriate for all horses from foals to yearlings, racehorses and sports and leisure horses.  The range includes a number of feeds well-matched to the demands of thoroughbred and standardbred horses.

A number of New Zealand trainers exclusively use the McMillan Equine range. These particular feeds have been designed for high energy, to maximise racing potential during the season. There are also a number of feeds more suited to pregnant mares, newborn and rising foals, and for reconditioning. A number of these are perfect for maintaining horses and ponies in prime condition.

Where to purchase

McMillan Equine Feeds are available from all Farmlands stores and our Online Shop as well as a number of outlets New Zealand-wide. McMillan Equine Feeds is proud to have long-standing associations with a number of top New Zealand trainers and are proud supporters of A & P Shows and local equine events.

McMillan Equine Feeds is a brand of Farmlands Nutrition. All barley, pulses and wheat are sourced locally from shareholders right here in New Zealand.

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