When you work with Farmlands, you're drawing on the combined insight of the whole co-operative, whether that's on-farm, in-store or online. Couple this with access to New Zealand's leading farming suppliers and you'll see increased efficiency and greater success across every part of your farm no matter how your world changes.


Wet grazing compliance, internal parasites, lack of space on the truck to the works... there's a heap of things to keep you up at night – and we haven't even covered how quickly the weather can make or break your year.

Fortunately Farmlands is working with trusted suppliers who have the products to meet your needs on-farm. Whether you're focusing on animal condition, sowing new seed, applying fert, upgrading your fencing or making sure your animals are getting all the nutrition they deserve, Farmlands has the products and the expertise to get you a better outcome this season and the next.