Fuel Partners


Fuel plays a crucial role in the smooth running of any rural
business - from powering machinery and vehicles through to
heating, fuel is essential for the day-to-day functioning of every farming or growing operation. 

With the merger of Farmlands Fuel, Southfuels and Northfuels in 2022, Fern Energy Ltd was created. It’s a partnership between trusted Kiwi companies, made to better serve the people at the
heart of primary industries across New Zealand.

As dedicated fuel experts, Fern provides customers with:

  • Bulk fuel deliveries
  • Storage systems
  • Oil and lubricant solutions
  • 24/7 fill stations for petrol and diesel
  • Fuel cards
  • They’ll also help out customers with fuelling expertise when they need it.

Fern also gives back to rural communities by sponsoring local sports teams, partnering with community groups and trusts, and taking part in activities organised in hundreds of communities around the country. 

This includes the ‘Fuel for Schools’ programme, which gives back a proportion of all bulk fuel sales to nominated local schools.

Contact Fern today to learn more about how they can help you with your bulk fuel requirements, including charging all Fern costs directly back to your Farmlands account.

Visit https://fernenergy.co.nz/ for more information, call us on 0800 99 99 89, or email us at enquiries@fernenergy.co.nz.