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Can I transfer Choices Rewards Points from one account to another?

Yes, a transfer form needs to be completed, to request a form which is required to be signed by the account owner contact the Choices Team.

How do I let a proxy under my shareholding redeem Choices Rewards Points?
When you set up MyFarmlands, you are given the opportunity to set permissions for all Farmlands Cards on your account. If you require assistance, please contact the Customer Care team on 0800 200 600.

How do I set up MyFarmlands so I can redeem Choices Rewards Points?
Setting up MyFarmlands is easy. The only condition is that you are a shareholder. If you require assistance please contact the Customer Care team on 0800 200 600.

How many Choices Rewards Points do I have?
You can check your Choices Points balance by either logging into MyFarmlands and checking in the Choices Shop, or you can see your balance on the back of your Farmlands statement each month. Your statement will also tell you when your Choices Points are due to expire.

Do Choices Rewards Points ever expire?
Yes – Choices Rewards Points expire 3 years after they are awarded. If you have Points that have expired and a valid reason why you have not spent your Points, please contact the Choices team. They will put your case forward for consideration for reinstatement of Points.

What do I do if I have forgotten my MyFarmlands password?
If you forget your MyFarmlands password, you can get a new temporary one emailed to you. Get a new password now.

Can I gift my Choices Rewards Points to someone else?
Yes – you can gift your Choices Points to another shareholding Account. Contact the Choices Team to arrange this for you.


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