Get your fuel ready for winter

Now is the perfect time to replace filters on fuel tanks, complete any general maintenance and use your summer diesel – so as to fill up with winter diesel.

All diesel fuel contains wax molecules, which are natural components of the crude oil diesel is produced from. In severe winter conditions, the wax starts to crystallise and if enough wax crystals form, they can block fuel filters, fuel strainers and fuel lines in diesel-powered engines and machinery. To combat this, Farmlands Fuel supply regional batches enhanced with additives relevant to different climate zones in New Zealand. This list outlines delivery zones and the minimum operating temperature the additive may work at:

• Northland/Auckland – suitable for use down to -6°C
• Rest of North Island and Nelson – suitable for use down to -9°C
• Canterbury and South Canterbury plains – suitable for use down to -9°C
• South Canterbury inland, hills and high country – suitable for use down to -15°C
• Otago and Southland – suitable for use down to -15°C

To discuss preparing your fuel for winter, contact the Farmlands Fuel team on 0800 666 626.