Fodder Beet  

Do you need Fodder Beet?

Find out how you get in the draw to win from the $50,000 Prize pool.

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Bekina Gumboot  

Farmlands Exclusive Gumboot Special

Receive $40 OFF Steplite or Midlite gumboots, and a $30 Z voucher*!

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Great Off-road  

Win a Toyota Hilux Edge* Special Edition!

Either spend $50 with any part of your co-operative or request a quote to compare pricing on our subscription services (power, telecommunications, insurance or gas) to enter the draw.

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promo tile  

Crystalyx Range available now!

Crystalyx offers a range of dehydrated molasses blocks to meet the needs of your farm and stock.

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Win with Pioneer!

Buy Pioneer Maize Seed this winter and go in the draw to WIN

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Find out how to get your free chocolate!

Recharge your stock with AHD metabolics and we will recharge you!

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Clobber out now!

Check out the latest apparel that Farmlands has to offer.
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