Tank Accessory Examples

Farmlands Fuel stocks a full range of fuel accessories including nozzles, hoses, flowmeters and pumps.



K33 flow meter for diesel, petrol and oil   GPI inline electronic flow meter



Diesel pumps

K3 semi rotary hand pump   Cube 56 pump for distribution of diesel fuel




NS10 fuel filters and replacement elements for NS10 filters  



Diesel pump kit


Options available:
20 / 30 kg kit
50 / 60 kg kit
Trolleys also available





Self 3000 (manual) diesel, petrol, oil  




Fuel delivery hose 25 mm 4 and 6 metre lengths available  



Battery kit

Diesel fuel transfer pump unit  




Locking Handle - suitable for K3 Semi Rotary Pump. Fits over the handle of the pump.    Locking Cap - fits onto the fill point of the tank. Measurement: 50mm.



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