On Ground Tank

fuel 900   Fuel    

FuelMaster 900


FuelMaster 1500


FuelMaster 2500


FuelMaster 4800

Capacity 900 Litres
Length 1410mm
Width 1050mm
Height 1210mm

1500 litres
Length 2000mm
Width 950mm
Height 1500mm

Capacity 2500 litres
Length 2460mm
Width 1460mm
Height 1860mm
Weight 190kg


Capacity 4800 litres
Length 2850mm
Width 2250mm
Height 2350mm
Weight 310kg




Secure on-site diesel storage and dispensing
The FuelMaster includes a lockable area giving you peace of mind when it comes to ensuring your fuel is safe and secure on-site.


Return on investment
The FuelMaster enables you to buy fuel in bulk ensuring you don’t run out of fuel and therefore rewarding you with a good return on investment.


Environmental protection
The specially designed area under the lockable lid houses the FuelMaster equipment in a secure leak-proof area. This eliminates the risk of dripping fuel often encountered by an external retrofitted nozzle and hose.


The FuelMaster comes with a 10 year guarantee - all supported by localised customer service. We give you the confidence and support over the lifetime of your product and beyond.


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