Creditline is a revolving credit facility that allows you to choose what you pay straight away and what you leave for later. Creditline allows you to:

  • make large one-off purchases, such as fertiliser, to be repaid once income from the input has been received.
  • have better cash management with the ability to defer payments until income is received.
  • use alternative payment arrangements without incurring penalties.
  • ensure you retain your rebates and Choices Rewards Points for prompt payment and avoids any default interest charges on your Account. 

Special terms now available
Please contact your local Farmlands store for special deals on certain products, which may include interest free or extended payment terms.

How does it work?

If you pay your Farmlands Account by internet banking or cheque
Just pay what you want and, as long as it's within your Creditline limit, the rest will go to your Creditline account for payment by direct debit in three months time.

If you pay your Farmlands Account by direct debit
When you receive your Farmlands statement, all you have to do is call the customer centre on 0800 200 600 or email us at prior to the 18th of the month. Tell us how much you'd like to pay for the month and, as long as it's within your Creditline limit, the rest will go to Creditline for payment by direct debit in three months' time.

Free Reminder Service
If you elect this service we will send you a text and/or an email reminder message around the 15th of every month. To use your Creditline, simply reply and we'll do the rest.

At Mates Rates
We're here to help, so we've worked out a suitable market competitive interest rate of only 11% per annum. This is charged monthly to your Farmlands Account on the total amount you have drawn down on your Creditline.

The balance transferred to your Creditline will be taken by direct debit from your bank account three months after the date you transfer the balance to the facility. Creditline accounts are always payable on the 24th of the month.

Apply now

If you would like to find out more or apply for Creditline, download a Creditline application, head to your local Farmlands store or contact our friendly customer centre staff on 0800 200 600.

Terms and conditions

  • Creditline is available to fund any purchase made using your Farmlands Card, whether this be from a Farmlands store or any one of more than 7000 suppliers
  • The minimum facility for Creditline is $2000, up to a maximum of $500,000, subject to Farmlands Finance normal credit criteria
  • There is a low quarterly fee of $12.50

Additional information