Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase

Are you looking to replace your farming equipment, machinery or vehicles?

Farmlands Finance has a Hire Purchase rate available now from 12% p.a.

Farmlands Hire Purchase allows you to repay specific new or used items over a period of up to three years, whilst still putting the purchase on your Farmlands Card to gain rebates and Choices Rewards Points when applicable.

It is available on a wide range of farm equipment, machinery and vehicles and can make your farm work a lot easier by being able to use it now rather than waiting for it.

We may even have a special deal set up for that item you are looking for, please check our special offers page for potentially an even better deal  for you.


Want to work out what your monthly Hire Purchase repayments would be?
No problems – use our Hire Purchase calculator.

Hire Purchase Calculator

You can use the calculator below to work out an estimate of your monthly Hire Purchase payments.  This will help you complete the "Farmlands Finance HP Appplication" form as the details are laid out in the same structure as the "Credit Details" and "Schedule of Payments" sections.

Enter the appropriate values in the boxes below and click 'Calculate'.

The "First Payment date" is calculated as one month from today's date.  The "Final Payment date" is calculated from the "First Payment date" and the "Term in months"


Credit Details

Purchase price of goods (GST inclusive)

$ * 

Less cash deposit:

$ *

Less value of goods traded-in (GST inclusive):


Documentation fee:

$ *

Total cost of goods to be financed:


Annual interest rate (fixed for the full term of the contract):

    % per annum.*

Term in months (up to 36 months):




Schedule of Payments

Payment frequency:


First payment date:

One month from date of purchase

Last payment date:

Calculated from purchase date and number of payments

Amount of each payment:


Total amount of payments:


You may have alternative needs, such as GST repayment in 3 months. If so please contact Farmlands Finance for a more specific detailed repayment calculation.

If you are interested in our Hire Purchase facility, please download a Hire Purchase application form, contact our Finance team or email loan@farmlands.co.nz 

Terms, Conditions and eligibility criteria apply for Farmlands Finance Limited products. Hire Purchase loans attract a one-off $250 setup fee. Minimum loan $5,000 – maximum loan $500,000, unless otherwise agreed. Maximum term 36 months. Interest rate is determined on the strength of your application, level of deposit and size of loan. Interest rates effective from 1st February 2017 and subject to change at the lender’s discretion. For Hire Purchase loans only. The agreed interest rate is fixed for the term of the Hire Purchase loan. No deposit offer applies to new equipment only.