Bee Awareness Month

This September is Bee Aware Month

We’re focusing on bee health and how we can keep our bees in tip top shape and protect New Zealand’s healthy bee population!


  • Plant bee-friendly gardens
  • Bees forage on wildflowers for nectar and pollen which provide carbohydrates and protein


  • Avoid harmful pesticides
  • Do not spray when plants are in flower or bees are present


  • Provide saucers of fresh, pesticide-free drinking water
  • Place pebbles or twigs in the water for bees to rest on while they drink



Our stores stock a great range of beekeeping supplies: from setting up your hives, boosting your bee’s health through to treating varroa, we have everything you need to help with all of your beekeeping requirements.

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Be sure to talk to your local Farmlands team for expert advice on all things bees.