Deferred Payment on qualifying Annual Ryegrass and Spray Out products

Terms and Conditions of Entry

1. Information on method of entry and eligibility forms part of these Terms and Conditions of Entry. Entry into this promotion is deemed as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Entry.

2. The Promotion is purchase selected annual ryegrass and spray out products (“Qualifying Products”) and be eligible for deferred payment arrangement with Farmlands (“Promotion”).

3. The Promotion begins on 1st February 2023 and ends on 31st May 2023 (“Promotion Period”). The deferred payment term for Annual Ryegrass products is 60 days from the date of purchase within the Promotion Period. The deferred payment term for Spray Out Products is 90 days from the date of purchase within the Promotion Period.

4. The Promotion is offered by Farmlands Co-operative Society Limited of 535 Wairakei Road, Burnside, Christchurch 8053, New Zealand (“Promoter”) to Farmlands shareholders.


5. The Promotion is open to Farmlands Shareholders only, who purchase the Qualifying Products online or in-store (“Eligible Purchase Transaction”).

6. At all times, the eligibility to enter this Promotion is subject to entrant’s account with Farmlands is in good standing and not overdue. It is also subject to Farmlands’ sole discretion on credit approval for entering the Promotion.

7. Employees of Farmlands who are Farmlands Shareholders are eligible to participate in this Promotion. Employees who are not Farmlands Shareholders are not eligible to enter.


8. Deferred Payment is the option to pay the purchase price of the Qualifying Products at a later date (“Deferred Payment”), depending on the products purchased i.e.,60 days for annual ryegrass and 90 days for spray out products.

9. For the avoidance of doubt, no "interest charges” or credit fees” (as defined in the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003) will be payable by you, nor is any security interest is taken by Farmlands, under any Deferred Payment arrangement. As such, the Deferred Payment arrangement does not constitute a “consumer credit contract” under the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003.

10. To be eligible for Deferred Payment, you must meet our pre-acceptance check and criteria, determined by Farmlands at its absolute discretion.

11. Deferred payments will be invoiced on your monthly Farmlands account after the end of the Promotion Period and when it is due for payment.

12. You may elect to repay the entire outstanding total payment at any time prior to the date on which the Deferred Payment is due.

13. Once you have purchased the Qualifying Products (and if applicable, delivered to you), you retain ownership of and the legal title to the products.

14. If you are unable, because of illness, injury, loss of employment, or other reasonable cause, to meet your repayment obligations, under these Special Terms, and you reasonably expect to be able to discharge your obligations if the terms of your agreement with us were changed (for example, by extending the deferral period:

a. You may apply to us for such changes, and we will review your request, and may at our absolute discretion, approve any reasonable changes.

b. Suspend or discontinue the Farmland Card Partner Agreement with you in accordance with our general Terms and Conditions.

15. You also agree to pay all reasonable costs incurred by us (including any costs related to debt collection) in the recovery or attempted recovery of outstanding moneys and the enforcement or attempted enforcement of these Special Terms.

16. You may not assign your rights and obligations under these Special terms without our prior written consent.


For further details, please contact the Promoter by Freephone on 0800 200 600.


Qualifying Products:

Annual Ryegrass qualifying sku’s

1016406 - Winter Star II Ryegrass Superstrike

1016405 - Winter Star II Ryegrass

1028958 - Jivet Ryegrass Poncho

1018727 - Hogan Ryegrass Superstrike

1027081 - Tama Ryegrass per kg

1016402 - Tama Ryegrass Superstrike

1016614 - Jivet Ryegrass

1021805 - Sultan Ryegrass FFP

1018725 - Hogan Ryegrass

1027117 - Zoom Ryegrass

1027158 - Sultan Ryegrass

1018726 - Hogan Ryegrass Agricote

1030843 - Zoom Ryegrass Cropcote

1022627 - Jivet Ryegrass Superstrike


Spray Out qualifying SKU’s

1011219 - Nufarm WeedMaster TS470 20L

1011220 - Nufarm WeedMaster TS470 200L

1011221 - Nufarm WeedMaster TS470 1000L

1036788 - Nufarm Crucial Herbicide 15L

1038486 - Nufarm Crucial Herbicide 20L

1038489 - Nufarm Crucial Herbicide 110L

1038510 - Nufarm Crucial Herbicide 1000L

1000651 - Nufarm Pulse Penetrant 20L

1000042 - Nufarm Pulse Penetrant 5L

1000041 - Nufarm Pulse Penetrant 1L

1019579 - Nufarm Nail 240EC Herbicide 1L

1021295 - Nufarm Nail 240EC Herbicide 5L

1036464 - Nufarm Nail 600EC 500ML

1043813 - Nufarm Tank and Equipment Cleaner 600g

1044256 - Nufarm Amigo Drift Control Agent 5L

1046537 - Nufarm Nail 600EC 5L