Nufarm Agchem Products Promotion

Summary: Purchase selected Proprietary Pasture Seed Products and be in the draw to win a $350 voucher towards selected Nufarm Agchem Products   

From: Farmlands Co-operative Society Limited

Terms and Conditions of Entry
1. Information on method of entry, eligibility and redemption forms part of these Terms and Conditions of Entry.  Entry into this promotion is deemed as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Entry. 

2. The Promotion is purchase any selected Proprietary Pasture Seed Products and be in the draw to win a voucher worth of $350 (Incl. GST) to be spent on selected Nufarm Agchem Products (“Promotion”). 

3. The Promotion begins 1 February 2023 and ends on 30 April 2023 (“Promotion Period”).

4. The Promotion is offered by Farmlands Co-operative Society Limited of 535 Wairakei Road, Burnside, Christchurch 8053, New Zealand (“Promoter”) to Farmlands shareholders.



5. The Promotion is open to Farmlands Shareholders only, who purchase selected Proprietary perennial, hybrid or premix seed (“Qualifying Proprietary Pasture Seed Products”) through Farmlands account. The Qualifying Proprietary Pasture Seed Products are listed in the Product Schedule that forms part of these Terms and Conditions (“Qualifying Proprietary Seed Pasture Products”). 

6. For the purpose of this Promotion, “Farmlands Shareholder” means the primary account holder of a Farmlands Shareholder account. 

7. Shareholders who meet the entry criteria (purchase the Qualifying Proprietary Pasture Seed Products through Farmlands account) will automatically be in the draw to win a $350 voucher to purchase selected Nufarm Agchem Products (“Qualifying Nufarm Agchem Products”). The Qualifying Nufarm Agchem Products are listed in the Product Schedule that forms part of these Terms and Conditions. 

8. There are 80 vouchers to be won; 50 in the North Island and 30 in the South Island. 

9. At all times, the eligibility to participate in the Promotion is subject to the Shareholder’s account with Farmlands being in good standing and not overdue. Farmlands at its sole discretion may deem the participation into this Promotion as invalid on this basis.

10. Employees of Farmlands who are Farmlands Shareholders are eligible to participate in this Promotion. Employees who are not Farmlands Shareholders are not eligible to enter.



11. The prize-winners will be randomly drawn by the Promoter after the Promotion Period and the prize-winner is responsible for collection of the Prize from the Farmlands store at their own cost.

12. The offer cannot be exchanged, transferred or redeemed for cash.

13. If the offer is unavailable for any reason, the Promoter in its sole discretion reserves the right to substitute or cancel the offer. 



14. The Promoter’s decisions on all matters will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

15. The Promoter may cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Promotion or these Terms and Conditions at any time and for any reason before the end of the Promotion Period and shall not be liable to any participant for any loss or damage incurred as a result.

16. The Promoter takes no responsibility for omission, interruption, deletion, defect, line failures of any telephone network, computer equipment, software, inability to access telecommunications network services, or any other error or malfunction in respect of the Promotion and any resulting failure to record any information on the offer.

17. Except for liability that may not by law be excluded, the Promoter shall not be liable under or in connection with these Terms and Conditions and/or this Promotion for any cost, expense, loss or damage suffered by any participant, even if such cost, expense, loss or damage was reasonably foreseeable, and whether arising from breach of contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise.

18. These Terms and Conditions are governed by New Zealand law and any dispute arising out of or in connection with them will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts.

19. The Participants consent, and waive all rights (including copyright and moral rights), to the Promoter using the Prize winner’s name, likeness, image and/or voice (including photograph, film, and/or recording of the same) in any media for an unlimited period of time without remuneration for the purpose of promoting this Promotion, and promoting any products manufactured, distributed and/or supplied by the Promoter.

20. Participants agree not to make any commercial or business use of the Promotion to resell or commercially benefit from any part or aspect of the Promotion. 

21. For further details, please contact the Promoter by Freephone on 0800 200 600.


Product Schedule

Qualifying Proprietary Pasture Seed Products

1052253    4front NEA2 Perennial Ryegrass 1st Gen

1052254    4Front Perennial Ryegrass NEA2 AC Treated

1055609    4Front Perennial Ryegrass NEA2 Superstrike

1058741    Array NEA2 Pre Mix Agricote 25kg bag

1058743    Array Perennial Ryegrass NEA2

1058744    Array Perennial Ryegrass NEA2 Agricote

1030264    Arrow Ryegrass LE

1050454    Avatar NEA Pasture Pack Cropcote Plus

1051135    Avatar NEA Tetraploid Ryegrass Cropcote Plus Treated

1041575    Avatar Ryegrass NEA

1059397    Avipel Samson Ryegrass Superstrike

1032134    Barrier U2 Forage Grass

1032135    Barrier U2 Forage Grass Cropcote Plus

1032137    Base Ryegrass AR1

1032138    Base Ryegrass AR1 Superstrike

1016353    Base Ryegrass AR37 Superstrike

1030269    Base Ryegrass LE

1052257    Catch Crop Plus Mix

1059115    Cropmark Diverse Pasture Mix

1059651    Dairy Platinum Pasture Pack Bare

1059652    Dairy Platinum Pasture Pack Cropcote Plus

1016354    Delish Ryegrass AR1

1032674    Delish Ryegrass AR1 Superstrike

1050990    Diverse Mix 1st Gen 25kg

1055082    Diverse Mix 1st Gen Agricote 25kg

1030353    Ecotain One50 AR37 Superstrike Mix 25kg

1032689    Excess AR1 Ryegrass

1032690    Excess AR1 Ryegrass Superstrike

1016356    Excess AR37 Ryegrass

1016357    Excess AR37 Ryegrass Superstrike

1032691    Excess LE Ryegrass

1032692    Expo Ryegrass AR1

1032693    Expo Ryegrass AR1 Superstrike

1032694    Expo Ryegrass AR37

1032695    Expo Ryegrass AR37 Superstrike

1041818    Farmlands Governor AR37 Elite Mix 1st Gen Agricote 25kg

1049586    Farmlands Maxsyn NEA4 Elite Mi 1st Gen Agricote 25kg

1054619    Farmlands Maxsyn/4front Elite Mix 1st Gen Agricote 25kg

1057393    Forge Hybrid Ryegrass LE

1052256    Forge Hybrid Ryegrass NEA Agricote

1052255    Forge NEA Hybrid Ryegrass 1st Gen

1055610    Frenzy Hybrid Ryegrass

1055695    Frenzy NEA2 Hybrid Ryegrass Treated

1030404    Governor AR1 Perennial Ryegrass 1st Gen

1030405    Governor AR37 Perennial Ryegrass 1st Gen

1042444    Governor AR37 Prepack 25kg

1046493    Governor LE Perennial Ryegrass 1st Gen

1030408    Governor Ryegrass AR1 Agricote

1030409    Governor Ryegrass AR1 Superstrike

1030406    Governor Ryegrass AR37 Agricote

1030407    Governor Ryegrass AR37 Superstrike

1032707    Halo Ryegrass AR1

1030431    Halo Ryegrass AR1 Superstrike

1032708    Halo Ryegrass AR37

1032709    Halo Ryegrass AR37 Superstrike

1059742    Haven Oakdon Meadow Mix 50/50

1059743    Haven Oakdon Meadow Mix 50/50 Superstrike

1059350    Hummer/Oakdon Fescue S/S Mix

1059349    Hummer/Oakdon Meadow Fescue Mix

1021283    Hustle AR1 Ryegrass

1032721    Hustle AR1 Ryegrass FFP

1030706    Hustle LE Ryegrass

1048500    Legion Ryegrass AR1

1048497    Legion Ryegrass AR1 superstrike

1039387    Legion Ryegrass AR37

1039388    Legion Ryegrass AR37 superstrike

1003195    Matrix Ryegrass LE

1032736    Matrix Ryegrass SE

1032737    Matrix Ryegrass SE Cropcote Plus

1032735    Matrix Ryegrass Superstrike

1032740    Maverick GII Ryegrass

1032741    Maverick GII Ryegrass Superstrike

1046492    Maxsyn LE Perennial Ryegrass 1st Gen

1042604    Maxsyn NEA4 Perennial Ryegrass 1st Gen

1055083    Maxsyn NEA4/Rohan NEA2 Mix 1st Gen Agricote

1042606    Maxsyn Ryegrass NEA4 Agricote

1044239    Maxsyn Ryegrass NEA4 Superstrike

1050810    Mohaka Ryegrass AR1

1050941    Mohaka Ryegrass AR1 Superstrike

1034737    Mohaka Ryegrass AR37

1034826    Mohaka Ryegrass AR37 Superstrike

1033152    Moxie AR1 Ryegrass

1033153    Moxie AR1 Ryegrass FFP

1037499    Moxie Ryegrass LE

1016373    One50 Ryegrass AR1

1033162    One50 Ryegrass AR1 Superstrike

1016375    One50 Ryegrass AR37

1016376    One50 Ryegrass AR37 Superstrike

1006945    One50 Ryegrass LE

1030572    One50 Ryegrass LE Superstrike

1059109    Performance Platinum Pasture Pack Bare

1059650    Performance Platinum Pasture Pack Cropcote Plus

1059111    Persistence Platinum Pasture Pack Bare

1059112    Persistence Platinum Pasture Pack Cropcote Plus

1047028    Platform Ryegrass AR1 Superstrike

1030663    Platform Ryegrass AR37 Superstrike

1033175    Prospect Ryegrass AR1

1033176    Prospect Ryegrass AR1 Superstrike

1016381    Prospect Ryegrass AR37

1044284    Prospect Ryegrass AR37 Prillcote

1016382    Prospect Ryegrass AR37 Superstrike

1050473    Raider NEA Ryegrass Cropcote Plus

1050472    Raider Ryegrass NEA2 Endophyte

1051026    Reason AR37 1/G Perennial

1051027    Reason AR37 1/G Perennial Superstrike

1059744    Reason Perennial Ryegrass AR1

1059745    Reason Perennial Ryegrass AR1 Superstrike

1030690    Relish Advantage Mix Superstrike 15kg

1033188    Rely AR1 Ryegrass

1033190    Rely AR1 Ryegrass Superstrike

1033191    Rely AR37 Ryegrass

1033192    Rely AR37 Ryegrass Prillcote

1016384    Rely AR37 Ryegrass Superstrike

1030691    Rely LE Ryegrass

1030692    Rely LE Ryegrass Superstrike

1032769    Rely Ryegrass AR1 Prillcote

1033193    Request AR1 Ryegrass

1033194    Request AR1 Ryegrass Superstrike

1016387    Request AR37 Ryegrass

1016388    Request AR37 Ryegrass Superstrike

1019726    Rocket Fuel Mix Superstrike 13kg

1033200    Rohan LE Perennial Ryegrass 1st Gen

1016389    Rohan NEA2 Perennial Ryegrass 1st Gen

1016390    Rohan NEA2 Ryegrass Superstrike

1030701    Rohan Ryegrass LE Agricote

1016580    Rohan Ryegrass NEA2 Agricote

1033208    Samson Ryegrass AR1

1016392    Samson Ryegrass AR1 Superstrike

1016393    Samson Ryegrass AR37

1033209    Samson Ryegrass AR37 Prillcote

1016394    Samson Ryegrass AR37 Superstrike

1030707    Samson Ryegrass LE

1059653    Sheep & Beef Platinum Pasture Pack

1059654    Sheep & Beef Platinum Pasture Pack Cropcote Plus

1058750    Shogun Hybrid Ryegrass NEA12

1058751    Shogun Hybrid Ryegrass NEA12 Agricote

1016396    Shogun NEA Hybrid Ryegrass 1st Gen

1034963    Shogun Ryegrass LE Agricote

1016571    Shogun Ryegrass NEA Agricote

1016397    Shogun Ryegrass NEA Superstrike

1018714    Supreme Base AR37 Mix 30kg

1018715    Supreme Base AR37 Superstrike Mix 30kg

1020914    Supreme Excess AR37 Superstrike Mix 25kg

1049711    Supreme Legion AR37 Superstrike Mix 25kg

1030739    Supreme One50 AR37 Mix 25kg

1016410    Supreme One50 AR37 Superstrike Mix 25kg

1042484    Supreme Platform AR37 Mix 25kg

1030740    Supreme Platform AR37 Superstrike Mix 25kg

1030733    Supreme Plus Ryegrass AR1

1016399    Supreme Plus Ryegrass LE

1016413    Supreme Prospect AR37 Superstrike Mix 25kg

1058411    Supreme Reason AR37 Superstrike mix 25kg

1020915    Supreme Rely AR37 Superstrike Mix 25kg

1059242    Supreme Sheep & Beef Legion AR37 SS 28kg

1059244    Supreme Sheep & Beef Reason AR37 SS 28kg

1057518    Three60 Perennial Ryegrass AR37

1057519    Three60 Perennial Ryegrass AR37 Superstrike

1030764    Trojan Ryegrass LE

1016403    Trojan Ryegrass NEA2

1016636    Trojan Ryegrass NEA2 Agricote

1016404    Trojan Ryegrass NEA2 Superstrike

1030770    Tyson LE Perennial Ryegrass 1st Gen

1046490    Tyson NEA4 Perennial Ryegrass 1st Gen

1021816    Tyson Ryegrass AR1 Agricote

1046491    Tyson Ryegrass NEA4 Agricote

1033252    Ultra Ryegrass AR1

1033253    Ultra Ryegrass AR1 Cropcote Plus

1033254    Ultra Ryegrass LE

1053215    Vast Perennial Ryegrass AR37 Superstrike

1030777    Viscount NEA4 Perennial Ryegrass 1st Gen

1034479    Viscount NEA4 Ryegrass Superstrike


Qualifying Nufarm Agchem Products

Nufarm Thistrol Plus Herbicide 20L

Nufarm Thistrol Plus Herbicide 200L

Nufarm Valdo 800WG Herbicide 500g

Nufarm Valdo 800WG Herbicide 200g

Nufarm Baton Herbicide 10kg

Nufarm Dictate 480 Herbicide 20L

Nufarm Tribal Gold Herbicide 20L

Nufarm Baton 800WSG 10kg

Nufarm Baton 800WSG 20kg

Nufarm Tribal Gold 200L

Nufarm Bonza Gold 20L

Nufarm Bonza Gold 5L