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42. Can-Am Defender: Looking for a reliable buggy? Learn more about the Can-Am Defender. [21 June 2024]


41. Sustainable Wool Strategies: Learn how strong wool growers can improve returns from Farmlands Commercial Manager Annabel Barnett. [ 21 June 2024]


40. Chick Rearing Guide: Here are some quick tips for getting started with chick rearing. [21 June 2024]


39. Deer Ear Tags: This spring-loaded tagger prevents ear injuries and resets automatically, improving tagging. [14th June 2024]


38. FarmlandsPRO: FarmlandsPRO is a tool for farmers and growers to place, track and manage their rural supplies orders. [14th June 2024]


37. Successful Lambing Tips: Tiffany Menzies, in house vet at Farmlands, shares key tips for lambing season. [14th June 2024]


36. Skellerup Gumboots: Learn how Skellerup's Red Band gumboots have become a true New Zealand icon. [7th June 2024]


35. Milwaukee Tool Innovation: Learn how Milwaukee Tool’s commitment to user-focused innovation continues. [7th June 2024]


34. Security Made Mobile: Learn how security cameras can offer several benefits for rural property owners in NZ. [7th June 2024]


33. A Guide to Garden Birds: A guide for attracting garden birds in New Zealand and how to feed them. [31st May 2024]


32. Persistent Ewe Drenching: Learn how persistent drenches can give ewes sustained protection. [31st May 2024]


31. Effective Rodent Traps: Learn the importance of quick, clean traps in the fight for a Predator-Free 2050 [31st May 2024]


30. Smart Tools for Farmers: Explore cutting-edge tools empowering farmers with real-time insights. [24th May 2024]


29. Fire Prevention: Discover crucial prevention measures for fire hazards on your property. [24th May 2024]


28. Day 1 Colostrum: A guide to Day 1 handling of newborn calves and colostrum management. [24th May 2024]


27. Yellow Duck Curry: Otematata Station cook, Philippa Cameron, shares a delicious yellow duck curry recipe. [17th May 2024]


26. Grow it Yourself: The dos and don’ts of growing your own vegetables at home. [17th May 2024]


25. Regenerative Agriculture: Discover how regenerative agriculture can revolutionise your farm and soil. [17th May 2024]


24. Warming up to Wool: Learn why consumers are turning to strong wool despite synthetic alternatives. [10th May 2024]


23. Lean Farming: Former engineer turned farmer, Jana Hocken, explains how to increase efficiency with lean systems. [10th May 2024]


22. Optimising Nutrition: Learn about the shift towards tailored nutrition solutions, optimising nutrients and maximising ROI. [10th May 2024]


21. Wet Weather Gear: The essentials to consider when buying new wet weather gear this season. [3rd May 2024]


20. Equine Breeding Nutrition: Optimising Broodmare Nutrition; Discover tailored feeding strategies for each stage of the journey. [3rd May 2024]


19. Choosing Your Hens: A comprehensive guide for choosing the breed of your first hen. [3rd May 2024]


18. Youngstock Feeding: Learn the challenges and effective strategies to overcome the feed needs for youngstock during summer. [26th April 2024]


17. Waratah Fencing: Learn how Waratah has been helping in the battle against wallabies in the South Island. [26th April 2024]


16. Barber’s Pole Worm: Learn to recognise signs of infestation and treatment for the Barber’s Pole worm parasite. [26th April 2024]


15. Organic Wine: Learn about the organic wine revolution happening in Central Otago. [19th April 2024]


14. Venison Recipe: Enjoy this tasty venison recipe from award-winning chef Regnar Christensen. [19th April 2024]


13. Deer Farming: Sync feeding with natural cycles for optimal reproduction, growth, and antler development. [19th April 2024]


12. Fertiliser & Sowing: A step-by step guide for fertislising and sowing your pasture in challenging conditions. [12th April 2024]


11. Winter Diets: How to ensure a smooth transition from pasture to winter diets to avoid health issues. [12th April 2024]


10. Milk Fever Risks: Discover the hidden risks of milk fever and essential strategies to protect your herd. [12th Apil 2024]


9. Safe Animal Feed: Ensure you’re feeding your animals what they need with our comprehensive guide. [8th April 2024]


8. Canine Care: Learn about safeguarding your dog’s health and happiness during the chilly season. [8th April 2024]


7. Boosting Egg Yield: Discover essential strategies for boosting egg production in your backyard flock. [8th April 2024]


6. Big Dry Feeding: Learn how to ensure your cow’s days in milk are optimised during the autumn months. [2nd April 2024]


5. Pasture Management: Explore our expert guide for mastering pasture management during drought conditions. [2nd April 2024]


4. Calf Rearing Plans: Discover the 5 elements for successful calf rearing to ensure your calves thrive. [2nd April 2024]


3. Compound Sheep Feed: Learn about tailored feeding options and mobbing sheep according to their needs. [25 March 2024]


2. Calf Marking Tips: Learn the practice of calf marking and about strategies to ensure calf health. [25 March 2024]


1. Spore Testing Basics: Learn about spore testing and the groundbreaking FECPAKG2 revolutionising dung testing. [25 March 2024]