Many of our Farmlands stores are home to Agrecovery collection sites.

Agrecovery provides free recycling for plastic containers from over 3000 of the most common ag-chem, animal health and dairy hygiene products sold into the New Zealand market.

  1. Prepare your containers.
    Containers must be:
    - Plastic, 0-60L in size, with the lid removed
    - Free from chemical residue and dirt inside and out - triple rinsing is recommended and the container must be well drained
  2. Check participating brands
    Only containers from participating brands are free to recycle. Look for the Agrecovery logo on the pack or check the listing below. Please leave the label on for identification at our collection sites.


  4. Take your containers to a participating Farmlands store
    All containers are inspected before they can be accepted to ensure the health and safety of site and processioning staff and to ensure plastic is not contaminated for recycling.

For larger users (300+ containers) you can request on-property collection from Agrecovery.

Helpful information from Agrecovery to get you started with container recycling.