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Dust Supression

Mining & forestry industries have been using dust suppression technologies for over 25 years. There’s now a cost-effective solution in New Zealand that can maintain road surfaces, headlands and farm, orchard and vineyard tracks from deterioration.


Post-Harvest Psa Treatment

Cooler, wetter weather conditions favour Psa infection. That’s why post-harvest is a high-risk period for Kiwifruit. With hundreds of thousands of wounds per hectare on fruit stalks, there’s plenty of opportunity for Psa to get a foothold in your orchard if left untreated.


Humates and Soil Structure

As a pure form of organic matter, Humates result from an accumulation of decayed forest and carbon rich plant residues compressed and preserved over the ages. Four years of independent field trials have confirmed the addition of humate to urea increases pasture growth.





Next-Gen Copper Formulation

Thanks to an improved formulation and reduced particle size, a new product from Grochem has shown better disease efficacy at lower use rates of active copper per hectare. The product activates the plant’s own defence systems by inducing resistance and using the plant’s natural pathways.


Kiwifruit Nutrient Leaching

In a joint project with Southern Humates, Farmlands is seeking to understand opportunities for improvements in water quality and sustainability, to drive better nutrient efficiency within kiwifruit orchards.


Agrichemical Certification

A recently released New Zealand Standard for the Management of Agrichemicals and misunderstandings around purchase and use, means it’s time to clarify best practise around these products.









Chemical Weed Control

Being able to identify weeds and knowing how they grow is important for successful management, alongside understanding herbicide classifications. Find out about resistance, management and application in this key article.