ReTain is a naturally occurring plant growth regulator which can improve harvest management, fruit quality and enhance storage potential in apples and stonefruit, and can be used in cherries to extend flower life.

  • Improved harvest management allowing for more control of resources such as availability of pickers.
  • Reduction of fruit drop.
  • Delayed fruit maturation that allows for natural enhancement in size.
  • Maintenance of fruit firmness.


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Active Ingredient:
 150g/kg Aviglycine Hydrochloride
Formulation: Water soluble powder
ReTain® suppresses ethylene biosynthesis for better management of fruit ripening, increased fruit size and firmness, and improves fruit storage potential.
Directions for use
Apply ReTain when drying conditions are slower such as in the early to mid-morning period in order to ensure adequate absorption. If using foil mulch or reflective films, apply ReTain before laying down the foil mulch or reflective films.
Timing of application:
Apply ReTain at the recommended timings below, prior to the anticipated beginning of the normal harvest period (Go Date) for each variety and block to be treated for the current season. The normal harvest period for a particular orchard block refers to the time when untreated trees would be harvested. The optimum response is achieved when ReTain is applied at these timings. Application too early or too late may reduce the efficacy of the product.
Allow a 24 hour interval between application of ReTain and application of any other sprayed agricultural product or overhead irrigation. Keep pH between 6 and 8 for the best results.
ReTain must be used with Freeway organosilicone surfactant in order to obtain the optimum response, except for use in Southern Snap apples – refer to specific comments below. Use a final concentration of 50-100ml/100 litres in the spray tank as per the specific directions below. Do not use a surfactant concentration more than 100ml/100 litres.
Do not tank-mix ReTain with agricultural products other than DiPel® DF or Freeway®. Do apply products containing either 1-naphthylacetic acid or chlorethephon after treatment of blocks with ReTain.
Withholding period:
Apples and stonefruit (except cherries) – 7 days. Cherries: Do not aplly later than full bloom. For export crops contact your exporter for any specific restrictions.
Application rates:




Critical Comments

Stonefruit (except cherries)

– Increase fruit firmness and size, and increase fruit quality and storage potential

Apply 7-14 days prior to the anticipated beginning (Go Date) of the normal harvest period.

830g/ha in 1000-1200L water/ha

Adjuvant: Use Freeway at a final concentration of 50-100ml/100L in the tank mix.


– Delay fruit maturation (delay the harvest period) and increase fruit size, improve quality and storage potential

Apply 21-28 days prior to the anticipated beginning (Go Date) of the normal harvest period – except for those varieties detailed below.

Braeburn and Cox’s Orange Pippin
Apply 14-21 days prior to the anticipated beginning of the normal harvest period.

830g/ha in 800-1200L water/ha

Adjuvant: Use Freeway at a final concentration of 50-100ml/100L in the tank mix for all apple varieties except those detailed below:

Gala, Royal Gala and related varieties Adjuvant: Use Freeway at a final concentration of 50ml/100L in the tank mix.

Southern Snap Adjuvant: Use Regulaid at 250ml/100L as Southern Snap is particularly sensitive to organosilicone surfactants.


– Extend flowering

30-60% flowering.

830g/ha in 1000-1500L water/ha

ReTain plant growth regulator will extend flower life which may increase fruit set under poor pollination conditions or in varieties with low natural fruit set. The use of surfactants in not recommended.

Special considerations:

Do not apply ReTain:

  • When trees may be nutrient, water, insect or disease stressed
  • To pipfruit within 7 days of any calcium spray
  • In the late afternoon or early evening if fruit are still warm
  • With management tools that affect apple maturity such as girdling, etc
  • If rain is expected within 6 hours of application