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Allflex Livestock Intelligence has a number of cow monitoring solutions for both dairy and beef operations. SenseHub monitoring systems provide New Zealand farmers with unmatched heat detection accuracy, health and rumination information for both individual cows and groups. With flexible plans and a choice of cSense neck collars or eSense ear tags, Allflex and Farmlands can help farmers improve mating, calving and transition feeding performance: www.allflex.co.nz

How will Allflex Animal Monitoring save you money and time?

  • Reduced alternative heat detection devices (tail paint, Kamar etc.)
  • Labour savings from reduction in manual inspection
  • Reduced bull leasing costs (none at all if removed in full)
  • Reduced culling errors
  • Monitoring recovery and drug efficacy
  • Reduced antibiotic use (by getting an early warning and getting onto the issue sooner)
  • Reduced preventable deaths
  • Reduced distress through early intervention
  • Sub-clinical illness
  • Calving stress
  • Reduced impact during feed transition process

Don’t just take our word for it:

“We are getting about 1 - 2 cows per milking that the staff have missed for mating, this morning we had four that were picked up which was great. We monitor the cow’s optimum mating window and if she is a little early, we hold off inseminating until the next milking.”
Alastair Robinson - Robinson Dairy Ltd


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