Bees and collecting honey

  • Bees and collecting honeyCatching a swarm is a great way to increase your hive numbers. Swarms are generally mild mannered when they have clustered on a branch or other overhang. If possible, just snip the branch off or give whatever they are hanging on to a good thump and drop them into a bucket. Wait until dusk and pour your bees into a single box hive with frames and foundation, preferably a couple of frames of honey and they will settle quite successfully.
  • Re-queening each year is a good method of varroa control, as it interrupts the laying cycle and displaces the mites.

  • Add extra storeys or boxes as the hive grows. Too much room and the bees struggle to defend the area, too little room and they risk swarming.

  • Extract your honey at night in a closed room. If you do it during the day and the bees get to know what you are doing, you will have every bee in a 5km radius on your doorstep – not good!

  • Always clean up any comb or honey around your hives. Exposed honey will trigger a robbing response and you will have a feeding frenzy on your hands.

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