Nufarm Captan 600 Flo

Back for- Use on Apples

The 2022/23 season is looking good for apple crops, as Captan 600 Flo from Nufarm is back.

So, what’s different? Nothing! Absolutely nothing is different and that is good news for growers. The attributes that made Captan 600 Flo the great product it was in the past haven’t changed. It is still the same easy to use flowable formulation and will continue to provide proven control of black spot in your apple orchard.

In 2020 production of Captan 600 Flo was moved to a new facility. Despite no changes to the formulation, Nufarm NZ felt it was important to undertake fruit finish trials prior to new product being used on apple crops.

Nufarm Technical Specialist Andy Davis says, “It is imperative that we provide growers with confidence in the product and ensure that they can expect the same levels of crop safety they experienced in the past.”

Trial results from both Tasman and Hawkes Bay show that Captan 600 Flo provides an excellent level of crop safety.  In all trials the fruit finish results of Captan 600 Flo were comparable to the current industry standard when used from late November onwards. “It is still important to note that Captan 600 Flo should not be applied to apples until the waxy layer has developed on fruitlets” says Andy.Development of natural fruit wax is considered sufficient for Captan applications on apples in New Zealand by early December.

Captan 600 Flo is a specially formulated suspension concentrate or SC for short. It is easy to pour and measure and the SC formulation also means no harmful dust particles in the air when mixing.
An added benefit of an SC formulation is the fine particle size which reduces problems with blocked nozzles or filters. Nufarm believe the benefit of a competitive flowable product with proven crop protection attributes make Captan 600 Flo a great choice for apple growers.

Captan 600 Flo is now supplied in a convenient 20L pack size.

To do your part for a sustainable future, empty Captan 600 Flo containers can be recycled at any Agrecovery station.
Captan 600 Flo is available from your local Farmlands store.

Article supplied by Nufarm