Ultimate Protection, Naturally.


For over a decade growers around the country have been winning the war on pests with the help of Entrust™ SC Naturalyte™ and Success™ Naturalyte™, both naturally derived insecticides from Corteva Agriscience. With the same crop and pest registrations but with the additional benefit of organic certification, Entrust has become the key biological solution for organic and conventional markets with Success now phased out.

Entrust utilises a powerful active ingredient called Qalcova™ active, part of a revolutionary class of insect control products called spinosyns. Qalcova is a metabolite produced by the fermentation of naturally-occurring soil bacteria, providing efficacy equivalent to synthetic insecticides but with the safety and environmental profile of a biological.

These qualities saw Qalcova active receive the Presidential Green Chemistry Award, an accolade presented by the US Environmental Protection Agency which recognises technologies that incorporate green technology into their design, manufacture and use. Entrust’s credentials have also been ratified by the NZFSA’s Official Organic Export Programme with Bio-Gro status, allowing it to be used in the protection of certified organically-grown crops. With use rates ranging between 200-400ml/ha, Entrust can be used across a wide range of fruit and vegetable crops and has become a key tool in the fight against Leafroller, White Butterfly, Pear and Cherry Slugs, Diamondback Moth and other destructive pests. 

Entrust works at both contact and ingestion, with exposed insects ceasing to feed almost immediately and dying within three days. Translaminar activity controls insects on the underside of leaves, while the non-systemic formula means users can re-spray to protect new growth.

While Entrust is highly-effective against a wide range of key pests (including a number which are resistant to conventional insecticides), its unique mode of action is safe to many \
beneficial insects. This makes it a great fit for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems and ideal for growers looking to produce high-quality, pest-free, organically certified, or conventionally grown crops with nil (or very low) residues at harvest.

Article supplied by Corteva