Advanced copper with Kintech technology

Grochem has launched a new generation copper formulation, Norshield® 45WG, using new technology from Europe.

Norshield 45 WG reduces copper use rates by up to 30% for grape disease control, while maintaining the same level of efficacy as Nordox 75WG.

Norshield 45WG has superior rain fastness and is BioGro approved for organic crop use in New Zealand.

Manufactured by Nordox, Norshield 45WG contains 450 g/kg copper as cuprous oxide and is registered for use on grapes for Black spot, Botrytis, Sour Rot, Downy and Powdery Mildew.

Developed in Norway to meet tough European regulatory standards. Norshield 45WG is now a leading viticultural fungicide in France, Italy and Spain. Showcasing lower copper use rates per hectare and gaining international organic certification.

Why the change? Norshield 45WG has more activity per gram of copper thanks to an improved formulation and reduced particle size. This has shown better disease efficacy at lower use rates of active copper per hectare.

Norshield 45WG has a dual mode of action. The traditional direct mode of activity of copper, plus the addition of Kintech technology to stimulate the plants own resistance pathway.

Scientists found the new formulation had crop enhancement properties too. They found Norshield 45WG activated the plants own defence systems by inducing resistance and using the plants natural pathways. This provided disease control beyond the contact zone of applied product.

This was demonstrated in a laboratory by treating grape leaves in only one zone, on the underside of the leaf and the inoculating the leaf with downy mildew. Efficacy comparisons were made alongside other commonly used copper fungicides and tested for disease control outside of the area treated.

The trial below shows the treatment area in red and the level of control by each copper product in the untreated zones. This trial illustrates how Norshield 45WG induces resistance using the plants natural pathways after
being applied to a single zone on the leaf surface.

Norshield is available in a 10kg bucket.

To learn more about Norshield please call your local technical advisor,Grochem representative or

Norshield ® is registered under the
ACVM Act in New Zealand.
‘ACVM Registration No. P009734.