Dust Supression

The changing climate in New Zealand is indicating more drought like conditions for the future. Increasingly, farms, orchards and vineyards are facing issues around dust control from a health and safety, environmental and crop safety point of view. Mining & forestry industries, as well as regional authorities have been using dust suppression technologies for over 25 years to effectively control dust.

Biolchim New Zealand is now providing a solution to this issue with Antidust. A costeffective dust control product that can maintain road surfaces,
headlands and farm, orchard and vineyard tracks from deterioration. Untreated road surfaces require more frequent repairs of potholes, washboard and rutting. Antidust will assist in compacting road surfaces which essentially helps reduce time-consuming and expensive road repairs. Antidust will also prevent accidents caused by poor visibility and helps reduce health problems related to airborne dust particles.

Further advantages of Antidust are:
• Reducing the risk of dust and ground surface contaminants being blown up onto fruit in rows adjacent to tracks and driveways.

• Minimisation of excessive dust during harvest which can be a nuisance to workers, neighbours and the community at large. During drier seasons, harvest activities will likely result in increased dust due to lack of rainfall.

• Prevention of dust particles from entering streams and waterways where they can contribute to sediment levels which can be dangerous to aquatic life.

Application Method and Rates:
To ensure effectiveness throughout summer, Antidust should be applied over 2-3 applications, 15-20 days apart. Wet evenly with 40 to 50 litres of solution (15 to 20 litres of product) for every 100 m2 of surface area.

Depending on conditions and season, application rates can vary for your property.

Antidust is a safe and cost-effective solution to control dust on your property. This product is distributed in New Zealand exclusively through Farmlands.

For further information, contact your Farmlands Technical Advisor or the friendly team at your local Farmlands store.

Article supplied by Biolchim.