Spring 22 

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Meet The Bay of Plenty Horticulture Team

A run-down of who you can count on in the Bay of Plenty to help you be a more successful grower.


Quantum Leap in Grape Vine Nutrition

Marlborough grape-growers have well and truly taken to sap-testing as an alternative to dry-matter testing. Find out why in this article.


Nufarm Captan 600 Flo - Back for Use on Apples

With new production facilities, come new trials of a mainstay fungicide. The verdict, it’s looking nothing but rosy.





Avocados – An Evolving Industry

More than 70% of NZ avocados were shipped to Australia and 1.5m trays to Asia in the last year. Discover the growth opportunities for the amazing avocado in this report.


Unlocking Crop Potential with Stimplex 

Find out how a special type of seaweed is improving the quality of wine grapes in Marlborough and how you can introduce it to your crop-health programme. 


Time to Start Thinking Chateau®

Hops, apples, grapes, currants, pears, blueberries, kiwifruit; the list goes on. Find out more about the product that can give you long-term persistent weed-control.





Ultimate Protection, Naturally.

With Bio-Gro Organic certification and two modes of entry for insect control, Entrust is well and truly winning the war on pests. But what makes it so good?


Understanding Biostimulants - Fylloton

Plant stress can make or break a crop. In this article we examine early plant growth and how a biostimulant can help beat the cold to activate vegetative development.