Stimplex is a bio stimulant derived from seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum produced by Acadian Seaplants Limited located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and Canada.

Stimplex increases the hormonal activity of plants leading to the following effects:

  • Budburst homogeneity
  • Rachis stretch
  • Berries size
  • Biotic stress resistance
  • Physiological maturity

Budburst homogeneity
Budburst in grapevines occurs primarily due to the nutritional and carbohydrates reserves of canes and buds. The accumulation of nutrients at the end of the preceding season are essential for good budburst. Stimplex with additional trace elements such as Boron and Zinc applied after harvest allows for maintaining longer canopy activity leading to good cane maturity and constitution of larger reserves.

Rachis stretch
A cold and wet spring often reduces the development of young bunches, especially with varieties sensitive to forming tight bunches (Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir). At the inflorescence stage, Stimplex enhances a higher auxin production allowing for stretching, which however can’t exceed the genetic potential of the variety. Stimplex applications can result in bunch stretching up to 10-13% assuring better berry development and reducing the risk of botrytis. Correct bunch development also enhances better ripening homogeneity and reduces the risk of berry splitting in the ripening phase.

Berry size
Stimplex applications during cell division from cap fall to bunch closure can enhance the size of berries in varieties sensitive to forming small berries (Cabernet Sauvignon). The increase of berries size will result in higher bunch weights and reduction of disagreeable tannins. The application of Stimplex in association with Magnesium prior to flowering and during cellular division until bunch closure significantly reduce the risk of rachis necrosis.

Biotic stress resistance
Stimplex application has shown to be of benefit in case of stress due to high temperatures (ex. the wave of summer heat) by maintaining the physiological activity despite the stress.

Physiological maturity
An increasing number of growers are concerned about incomplete ripening, early harvests high in sugar (Brix°) but low in acidity. Climate change seems partially responsible of this situation.
Acadia has conducted trials in Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc over the last 3 years.
During the first year a program of Stimplex applications resulted in obtaining a higher level of Brix° in comparison with the Control; however at the cost of some acidity.
The 2nd year’s timing and rates of Stimplex applications were adapted and did result in good balance between the Brix° level and total acidity supported by good cane maturity.
In 2018 the Stimplex application program was adjusted by increasing the rates at bunch closure and veraison stages. This program led to total physiological maturity with a perfect balance between  sufficient level of Brix° and  total acidity.  In addition, YAN levels increased up to 35% which allowed the winery control of fermentations without any late Nitrogen input.

These trial results allow individual growers’ programs to be adapted to specific conditions in New Zealand. We are continuing our trial programs to highlight the possibility of rachis stretch while maintaining physiological maturity.
Stimplex is a bio-stimulant whose applications must be adapted depending on targets and requirements. Acadian in conjunction with our local partners offer to develop the customized programs based on worldwide researches made over a large number of vineyards worldwide and in Marlborough.

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