Unlocking Crop Potential with Stimplex


Climate change has the potential to affect modern and traditional horticultural and agricultural regions worldwide, with some countries already facing the consequences of unpredictable and extreme weather conditions and warming.

Crop disease and abiotic protection in the field is undesirable economically and environmentally and if not applied correctly can reduce yields, quality and returns. Growers are therefore looking for new and alternative solutions such as biostimulants to increase productivity and sustainability while protecting their investment.

Biostimulant products have gained traction with specialty crop growers due to their beneficial effects. A key biostimulant product component used in New Zealand horticulture is the extract of the brown seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum. This extract is the most widely researched and studied seaweed product in relation to horticulture and agriculture crops.

Studies have demonstrated that the Ascophyllum nodosum extract contained in Stimplex, made by Acadian Plant Health,modulates naturally occurring plant hormones at a cellular level. This can enhance plant growth for example, by maximizing nutrient uptake and increasing bloom and set.

The Ascophyllum nodosum extract contained in Stimplex also activates plant systemic defense mechanisms, improving tolerance to abiotic stress and harsh climatic conditions.

Stressed plants also have increased susceptibility to pest and disease damage. Stimplex contains numerous bioactive compounds such as mannitol, unique polysaccharides and Betaines, which will improve crop performance during and after sub-optimal growing conditions including frost, heat and drought, flood and elevated soil salinity.For more than 40 years Acadian Plan
t Health has developed a proprietary extraction process that differentiates its products from other Ascophyllum nodosum producers. The non-chemical natural extraction technique uses low heat and is non-pressurised. In comparison, many
other seaweed products, manufactured using chemical alkaline extraction, tend to strip out some organic matter and amino acids.

The Stimplex manufacturing process delivers product consistency that translates into crop quality, yield and potentially shelf-life, when incorporated into a comprehensive crop programme.

Stimplex is a key component in the comprehensive crop-health programmes that Farmlands prepares for grower shareholders, most prominently used in kiwifruit, apples and wine grapes.

In addition to crop health benefits, Farmlands has researched the effect of Stimplex on wine grapes in relation to wine-making qualities. Replicated trials conducted on Sauvignon Blanc grapes in Marlborough using Fruition Horticulture measured the effect of Stimplex on brix and yeast assimilable nitrogen (YAN) levels. YAN is a critical component in wine fermentation and quality and consists primarily of free amino nitrogen.

The trial results demonstrated that grapes from Stimplex treated vines had significantly increased brix and YAN levels in the period leading up to and at harvest.

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Article supplied by Acadian Plant Health