We operate as a crop production specialist, working with commercial growers to provide innovative and dependable advice, solutions and service. Everything you need for smooth and effective horticulture production is available through our conveniently located Farmlands stores.

Our advisory service is backed up by a comprehensive range of horticultural products that our shareholders have full access to. Our motivation is to help you grow better crops and a healthier bottom line.


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Horticulture Product Guide

Horticulture Product Guide

We've got the products and solutions for all your horticulture needs.



HortfocusRead the Hortfocus mailer now

Horticulture within Farmlands Co-operative continues to expand at a rapid pace. In the last 4 years, we have doubled the size of the team and driven a greater level of specialisation in the business. The team now consists of 38 Technical Advisors covering all horticultural regions. They are a passionate bunch who are experienced and well-trained in their specialist areas.




Beekeeping GuideCheck out the Beekeeping Guide now

This Beekeeping Product Guide profiles the range of beekeeping products that can be purchased online or in-store at Farmlands. If you are new to beekeeping, we've got some tips that will help you get off to a great start.





Pruning GuideRead the Pruning Guide now

This Pruning Product Guide contains a range of pruning equipment that has been individually selected due to high levels of both engineering and material quality. For more information, visit your local Farmlands store.




Winery Product GuideRead the Winery Product Guide now

Check out our Winery Inputs guide for a range of products to fulfil all winery requirements, including bulk winery additives, winery sanitisation, enzymes, fermentation aids, winery waste additives, organic winemaking additives and oak adjuncts.


Post HarvestRead the Post Harvest Guide now

The Post Harvest Guide is designed to introduce new inputs available to shareholders, while profiling the respected traditional product lines.  With the input of some of the most prominent suppliers in the industry, the Farmlands Horticulture Post Harvest Guide aims to provide shareholders with an understanding of how Farmlands can maximise their productivity.