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For the latest practices, people and products in a growing industry, make sure you read Growing Success. A bi-annual publication with content sourced from the teams that are keeping New Zealand horticulture humming. 




Passionvine Hopper

Over $40 million worth of kiwifruit crop is affected by sooty mould every season. The correlation between this fungal growth and the Passionvine Hopper is explored and remedied in
this article.


Tailored Nutrition

Designed specifically for the kiwifruit industry Biolchim is making waves
with their new product, helping to slow excessive vegetative growth and improve water use efficiency.



Vineyard Innovation

Tractor mounted imaging tools, “tandem” block development and leading edge pruning techniques might sound intense for your average grape-grower but the Innovation Vineyard Project in Marlborough is making best-practise accessible for everyone.



Optimising Crop Potential

New growing styles, dwarfing rootstock and planting in less-fertile regions has changed how soil nutrition should be viewed. It’s a robust testing regime however that’s the key to building knowledge of what’s under our feet.


Growth and Innovation

Get a close-up look at the Farmlands team, tasked with helping shareholders create sustainable farming businesses for the future. With 6 key area’s and an initial 5 year focus, it’s exciting times for this talented team of Farmlanders.  



Armoured Scale

With zero tolerance for scale in many international markets, keeping them off your crop is paramount. Read on for the latest advice on what protection to use and when to apply.